Selected local representer to event of cook in Havana

Por Koyirosan

 Members of the Federation of Culinary Associations in Cuba celebrated the 31 anniversary of its re-organization and selected the local representer to the event Young Cook of the Year that will be celebrated on March

 A presentation of Cuban dishes took place in the Culinary Association of the Isle of Youth with the purpose of celebrating the 31 anniversary of the re-organization of the federation of Culinary Associations in Cuba and selecting the local representer that will participate in the event Young Cook of the Year that will be celebrated in Havana.

 Rafael Saucedo Ferry, who works in La Insula restaurant, was the young cook selected for participating in the event next March. Saucedo Ferry intensifies his preparation to get the best result in the competition, in which for the first time the Isle of Youth has a representation.

 “This event is very important for me- expressed Saucedo- I always wanted participating in a national competition; this will be the first one out of the Municipality and it obligues me to prepare better and give the best of me.  It will be an opportunity to exchange experiences with other cooks and show what I have learned until now. It will help me as professional development for giving to the public a product of superior quality

“The recipe expected to carry until moment is chicken with domplin, traditional dish in the island. It´s prepared for substituting the potato and was presented in an encounter in Santiago de Cuba and had a good acceptation.

In spite of his youth Rafael showed his abilities and knowledges on the techniques and handling of food. He has had to dedicate long hours of work and effort for increasing his knowledges with the help of some of his colleagues.

“I want to thank my colleagues of the association and the others of the  gastronomical unit for their support and the final result will be the prize of all”, he finished.

In the encounter members of the association of different gastronomical units of the territory participated carring the tradicional cook to an updating one in an artistic way.




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